Make your home a powerhouse by adding solar batteries.

“A solar battery’s prime function is to power your home at NIGHT by storing excessively generated electricity in the MORNING”. This allows you to get complete freedom from the expensive electricity grid and save money.

We at Ultima Energy have been offering commercial and residential solar panel installation services. Apart from that, we also assist with quality solar battery installation. We are fully packed with professional solar installers that guide you throughout the process, from finding the best solar battery storage option to installing it precisely with zero error.

Why are solar batteries popular in Australia?

Solar battery storage options have been widely popular in Australia for the last couple of years because of their wide range of benefits. The fact is that power consumption is very high in the early morning and at night compared to throughout the day. Solar batteries work effectively throughout the day to store power for use at night or later when it is needed most. This phenomenon caught everyone’s attention and made them popular across Australia.

What are the benefits of adding solar batteries to solar systems?

Just like solar installations, solar battery installations also have some appropriate benefits to discuss. The following benefits may trigger you to add a solar battery to your installed solar system:

Saving money

People generally consider saving money on energy bills when switching to solar power, whether for a commercial or residential building. Solar batteries are exceptional at saving money on energy bills. This is possible because solar batteries minimise the dependency on the electricity grid by utilising the stored power that is generated by solar panels. Eliminating the dependency on the power grid will boost your savings.

Emergency electricity source

Grid power is shut down in extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain or storms, requiring an emergency power source. In those situations, we frequently face power outages. Having solar battery installation protects your home from blackouts. Solar batteries successfully supply electricity without any interruption, even in the worst weather conditions.

Zero noise pollution

Solar batteries are probably the only ones that never generate any messy noise while performing their tasks. Unlike other batteries, solar batteries work smoothly with no noise pollution. This is the most unique benefit, and solar battery installation in your home ensures there is no disturbance within your home range.

Energy independence

Solar battery installations completely erase the concept of dependency on the electric grid. Once you are done with solar battery installation, you don’t have to connect to the power grid. Feeling that you are generating power by yourself gives you the utmost pleasure.

Why should you choose us over others?

Previous experience

We have already successfully done solar battery installations and helped them with boosting the time it takes to see a return on investment.

Unbeatable price

At Ultima Energy, solar battery installation costs are affordable.


We exclusively provide top-rated solar batteries that perform well and last longer. The solar batteries that you get from us will have a good lifespan.

One-stop solution

In addition to delivering solar installation services, we also provide solar batteries and other essentials that are important for solar installation. We are a one-stop solution for all your solar installations.

Solar maintenance and repairs

Ultima Energy offers solar maintenance and repair services to ensure that your installed solar system, including the solar battery, is in good working order.

Ultima Energy Solar Battery Installation in Melbourne

Ultima Energy is a leading solar company that delivers solar installation services to both residential and commercial building roofs. In addition to solar installation, we are also popular for solar battery installation services. If you are searching for the best solar company that carries out commercial solar battery installation services, look no further than us. Don’t hesitate to fill in the contact us form. Feel free to contact us.

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