Commercial Solar Systems

Let your building's roof pay you your monthly energy bills.

Excessive monthly energy bills are the ones that are an obstacle to any kind of business growth. If you find yourself in this situation, switching to solar is the best thing you can do for your business’s growth. Commercial solar systems provide permanent solutions and greatly reduce your monthly energy bill costs. Once your building is installed with solar panels, it will be in charge of generating electricity that meets all your commercial building’s energy needs at a much reduced cost.

Ultima Energy provides commercial solar systems for almost all types of commercial buildings, whether small or medium-sized. Going solar is a smart move and the most profitable strategy in this modern era for any company as it saves money on electricity. We have professional solar installers that are experts in solar system design and installation. We make your transition from grid power to solar power easy. To find out more about our services, contact us.

Are commercial solar power systems worth it?

In Australia, commercial solar systems will be worth buying in 2022. If we observe that there has been a rapid increase in electricity prices in the last decade, prices are more likely to increase in upcoming years as well. On the other hand, to run a commercial business successfully, power consumption has become an essential thing. Electricity bills are also one of the biggest drawbacks to making any company the most successful one. Hence, switching to solar has become mandatory for all business owners. Solar panels last almost 25 to 30 years, which means in the next two to three decades you don’t have to worry about energy bills. Hence, many business owners believe that spending money on commercial solar systems is the safest investment ever.

How commercial solar systems help with your business growth?

There are several benefits that business owners can enjoy with solar systems. Here we are compiling some of the critical benefits that will help you with your business growth.

Saving money

As a business owner, everyone’s biggest concern is facing the cost of electricity every month. Since energy costs will be high for commercial buildings, they can be a persistent burden for businesses. Switching to solar energy is the only way to greatly reduce energy prices. The money that is saved on energy bills will give you an opportunity to spend on your business growth where it lacks.

Enhance the Property Value of Your Business

Any business roof that is installed with a commercial solar system in Melbourne will result in your property value increment. Having commercial solar systems on your property will increase the chance of selling it faster when you intend to sell it, as the solar-installed buildings have huge demand in the current market.

Brand as generating green energy

Switching to solar is nothing but encouraging the generation of green energy. The fact that your company generates and uses eco-friendly electricity will enhance your brand image among the people.

Government Assistance

Probably one of the biggest rewards you get once you have decided to switch to solar is government rebates. Australian governments provide different types of rebates for small businesses and big corporations. If you are economically constrained, getting rebates from the government can be a big relief for you.

Why should you choose us over others?

  • We are one of the few top-rated commercial solar installation companies.
  • We are backed by years of experience in commercial solar panel installation.
  • Quality matters most when it comes to commercial solar installation. The end result that you receive from us will definitely exceed your expectations.
  • We are honest and transparent. Prior to taking up your commercial solar installation project, we will provide you with a free quote that helps you understand the overall price.

Ultima Energy Commercial Solar System Installation in Melbourne

Ultima Energy is a solar company that has been offering commercial solar panels installation in Melbourne successfully. We have specialised in installing commercial solar systems on large buildings and industrial projects. All the experience we have will ensure you receive the top-rated service on your roof. If you are looking for a solar company that can turn your roof into the most valuable one with commercial solar installation in Melbourne, don’t waste your time. Give us a quick call.

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